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Sexual Health Education

Every year in the U.S., around 20 million people catch new STD infections, and nearly half of them are between 15 and 24 years old. Even more alarming, most infected people do not know they have contracted anything because they do not experience symptoms. It is important to stay healthy and stay informed, and most importantly, get tested! If you are or have been sexually active, you are at risk for developing an STD. 

Contracting an STD

Anyone who is sexually active has the potential to become infected, even if you use condoms. While most people think that using a barrier method during sex will protect you from contracting an illness, that is a common misconception. In fact, no form of birth control or barriers can keep you 100% safe from an STD. It is also important to know that an STD can spread not only through penetrative sex, but through any contact with genitals. Meaning that you are also at risk if you have had oral or anal sex recently. 

When Should I Get Tested?

Depending on how often you have sex, and the amount of people you have sex with, experts recommend you get tested every 6-12 months, even if you use a condom. With most people never experiencing any symptoms, it is important to be regular on your tests. Additionally, if you have experienced any itching or burning in your pelvis, are pregnant, have scheduled an abortion, or have changed partners, you should get tested. 

STD Testing

At Insights Pregnancy Services, we offer free and confidential STD testing, because you shouldn’t be scared about your health. 

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