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Adoption Information

Adoption is one of the options you have when considering what to do with an unplanned pregnancy. While there are many variables that make adoption more or less attractive to you, there could be a scenario that fits all of your needs.

While we are not an adoption agency, we are able to provide you with the necessary information and resources to find an agency that will work with you. Birth parents can usually choose which adoption plan and family works best for them and their future child, giving them the autonomy to be in control of their future. Whether you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption are all things to consider when thinking about the possibility of adoption. 

In most cases, birth mothers have access to financial assistance for both medical and living expenses as well as other benefits aimed at setting you and your baby up for success. 

If you think adoption is right for you and your circumstances, or if you want more information, we are here for you. We want you to feel well-informed and empowered when making this decision, so we have an extensive network of support aimed at helping you. Again, we are not an adoption agency, but we will put you in contact with reputable attorneys and agencies who will help you navigate your adoption. 

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