A Look Into Your

Pregnancy Options Consultation

Deciding on a pregnancy that wasn’t expected is not easy. There are many options to consider and each comes with its own impact. At Insight Pregnancy Services, we aim to give you a supportive and friendly space to ask questions, take a breath, and be informed about each option so you can make the best choice for you.

What is an Options Consultation?

Pregnancy may not have been what you were expecting. There’s a lot to process and consider. Start small with the first step: confirm your pregnancy, and learn what your options are for what comes next. That’s why our team at Insight is here. We’re here to help you with free resources and medically accurate information to get you the answers you need to confidently move forward.

You might benefit from a Pregnancy Options Consultation if you:

  • have recently received a positive pregnancy test and aren’t sure what to do next
  • are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and need a confidential, judgment-free space to get information on what options are available to you
  • had unprotected sex and think you might be pregnant
  • are pregnant and not sure where to turn
  • could use someone to confide in with questions and concerns about your unexpected pregnancy

What To Expect at Your Appointment

  1. When you arrive for your appointment, you can expect to step into a caring, judgment-free space. We’ll get to know you and what brought you through our doors.
  2. We’ll provide you with free, lab-quality pregnancy testing
  3. If your pregnancy test is positive, we’ll schedule you for an ultrasound to verify your pregnancy and viability and to determine how far along you are (this will help us to better understand what options are available to you)
  4. We’ll address your questions and concerns and will walk you through all of the choices you have to consider for your pregnancy. Whether you’re looking for information on abortion procedures, adoption, or parenting resources, we will support and help guide you every step of the way.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Much Does An Appointment Cost?

Free! All of our services are available to you at no cost. No insurance is required.

Absolutely. If you have someone you’d like to bring along, we encourage you to bring your partner or a friend or family member who you trust.

We certainly welcome walk-ins and try our best to fit them in on the same day, but can’t promise that we can always accommodate them. To ensure we can get you in at a time that works for you, we recommend scheduling an appointment online or giving us a call. 

Your appointment is 100% confidential. We promise you a safe and trusted space to get the help you need. Any information given online or at your appointment will be kept confidential unless there is a legal obligation for us to disclose it.

You do not need a parent or guardian’s permission to receive help at Insight and we will keep your appointment confidential.

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