About the Challenge

/Saturday, June 1st/

Resonate Church, Newaygo

8:30 am Registration Begins


4 Events, 4 different ways to support

2 1/2 Mile Walk

6-Mile Kayak Float

5K Trail Run

75-Mile Motorcycle Route

Our Goal


For a running total of funds raised, a list of top fundraisers, and to browse all fundraising teams/individuals participating, or to give a one-time gift toward our event, please visit the Event Page by clicking the button below.


Register to Fundraise

Register by clicking the button below and filling out the online form. Contact Madison Reynen at 231-335-2413 with questions about starting or joining a team, registration, or any other issue.

See you at the Walk!

2.5 Mile Walk

Walk Rally begins at 10:30 at Resonate Church. Please arrive early enough to sign in at registration table.

6 Mile Kayak Float

Kayak Rally begins at 9:30. Please arrive early enough to sign in at registration table.

5K Trail Run

5K Rally begins at 11:00 am. Please arrive early enough to sign in at registration table.

75 Mile Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle Rally begins at 9:30 am. Please arrive early enough to sign in at registration table.


What should I do if I can't make it to the event on Saturday, June 1st?

If you can’t make it to the event, don’t worry! You can still help us raise money. As a  participant, your real challenge is to see who can raise the most money. You can raise money without coming to the event itself, though we’d love for you to be there if it’s possible. As long as you raise the funds and turn in all moneys before the beginning of the event, you’ll be eligible for top prizes.

Where does my money go?

Funds you help raise allow the Pregnancy Center to continue offering free services to clients for the fiscal year.  This year, our goal is $40,000. 

This year’s challenge will account for approximately 20% of our overall budget. Please help us meet this goal! We are always available to talk further, if needed. Help us empower more moms and dads to choose pro-abundant-life choices for themselves and their children!

Where can I turn in my offline money?

Bring all money collected offline with you the morning of the Challenge. If you will not be able to attend the event, drop off all money collected at Insight Pregnancy Services during normal business hours.

What if it rains on Saturday, June 1st?

This event is on rain or shine!


How do I (or my family) get a T-Shirt?

To make sure your family get’s a T-Shirt you will need to register online by clicking on the “register” button at the top of the page. T-Shirts will also be for sale for $10 the morning of the event. We cannot promise that there will be shirts left over after all registered participants receive theirs.

How do I get supporters?

Participants get supporters by asking! No one will support you if you fail to ask them. Many people are supported by co-workers, friends, family, neighbors, and local businesses. Some companies also sponsor their employees, or provide matching gifts.

How long does the event go?

The Challenge for Life begins at 8:30 am when registration opens. You do not have to arrive at that time. Depending on when your event starts, you may arrive at 10:00 am. Make sure you check out what time your event starts, and give yourself enough time to make it through the registration process. After every event finishes, around 12:00, we will have a picnic lunch together. We encourage everyone to stick around to eat together and hear the big announcement on how much we raised together!

Why should I use online fundraising?

Participants who use online fundraising raise 3 to 4 times the amount of money than those who do not. It is safe and secure, and you don’t need to handle cash or deposit checks. Send the link to your fundraising page (or your team fundraising page) to friends and family via text message, email, or on social media!

How To Raise Money

Asking for financial supporters is not as scary as it seems. To start the fundraising process, create a list of roughly 40 family and friends who may be interested in supporting a good cause. Next, create your story. Why are you supporting? What does Insight Pregnancy Services do, and why support them? If you have a personal story to share, that is always helpful too. Finally, start contacting! Create an email, or a written letter to send to your possible supporters, make some phone calls, and use your social media platform to reach out to people.

2 Ways to Collect Money

  1. After registering online, Fund Easy will create an online fundraising page for you. You should receive this in an email after registering. Follow the link, create your account, and start sharing it with others! This is a safe and secured way for your supporters to donate to your event. It also makes it extremely easy to share your page on all social media platforms!
  2. You can also raise money offline. You will need a pledge form to collect all information on each supporter. You will collect your cash and checks and bring them with you at registration the morning of the event.

Our Sponsors

Resonate Church

302 E 68th St, Newaygo, MI 49337